LOOP Fair-trade, Pratt Design Management Department, and Pratt Fashion Design Department present:

The Little Co-created Dress Design Competition

The Challenge:
Ever since the globalization and the rise of new production technologies, the crafting communities in Ecuador, like many traditional craft communities around the world, have experienced a continuous decline in their demand. It has become more evident that the Ecuadorian handicraft industry has grown unpopular in the past decade, with skillful underdevelopment artisans, and the cultural wisdom of these ancient techniques at the risk of becoming an extinct art form. Bearing this in mind, the challenge of this competition is to explore the way that contemporary fashion design can be used as a tool for artisan community towards a sustainable future.

The Competition:
Design a capsule collection incorporating Ecuadorian ikat fabrics Applicant submit an illustration of designed collection (6 looks in total) that includes ikat fabrics (swatches will be provided), along with moodboard and a short written description of collection inspiration.

Guidelines & Deadlines:
· All submissions are in digital files (JPG and PDF only) No actual
prototype needed.
· JPG images up to 1000 pixels on the longest side, 5MB
· Please include name, short bio, and contact information
· Email submissions at info@loopfairtrade.org
· Deadline: April 23rd, 2018
· Two finalists will be announced on April 25th, 2018.
· Finalists will have to construct a finished prototype and presented on
June 4th, 2018. (Prototype Presentation Place & Time TBA)
· Fabrics will be provided for the creation of one prototype from the 6
designs submitted.
· Students have to make their design proposals based on the
samples found at the end of this publication or at the co-created / Ikat section in this website and indicate the name of the fabric in their submission.

The winner will be notified on June 8th, 2018.

The Prize:
A professional lookbook photoshoot with the student-designed clothing for their portfolio and career building.

Be creative, have fun and keep it simple!

What is Co-creation? And why Co-creation?
By encouraging designers to collaborate with artisans, designers are able to connect cultural heritage with modern designs. As designers are closely related to artisans and other types of makers, they can advocate sustainable development in many ways. Through design skills, designers can remove the “bottleneck” between traditional and modern designs and experience, aligning artisanal aesthetic and techniques with modern function, which assists in marketability, while potentially eliminating the middleman exploitation. Co-creation and sharing of knowledge can benefit both artisans and designers by providing a more in-depth understanding, fresh perspectives, and sense of dignity. The results can provide a competitive advantage for brands and possibly create genuine long-term partnerships.

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