“Loop Fair-trade is an association based in Ecuador that enables local artisan and designer communities to gain access to an international market while facilitating the co-creation of products by local artisans and designers. Our online platform provides a spotlight and an e-commerce space to the fragmented craft and design industries empowering local talents in the region.

We are proud to make available to the creatives, artisan craftsmanship and materials sourced from the middle of the world. We seek long-term relations with Loop stakeholder to be able to create a positive impact on the local artisan communities.

In this matter, our goal is to contribute to the social and economic development of artisans and designers in Ecuador. With fair-trade practice and an ethic supply-chain, this holistic approach will enable artisans to thrive economically and sustainably, while co-creation with designers can also strengthen cultural identity. As a result, this holistic approach will close the loop in the Ecuadorian design and craft industry.”

Our Mission

Loop Fair-trade strives to merge communicative, technological and geological bridge between Ecuadorian artisans and designers to facilitate co-creation of quality products with a cultural, social and environmental approach. Use inspiring business practices to create more jobs for Ecuadorian artisans while contributing to their social and economic development and promote and offer crafts and design products locally made.

Our Vision

To be the great contributor in creating a more inclusive and sustainable design industry by strengthening Ecuadorian crafts and local communities, fostering co-creation, innovation, and conversations across the globe.


We work with a fair trade approach that in comparison to the conventional one, we partner with artisans and designers to agree on transparent practices and prices that allow them to grow their businesses. We empower our stakeholders with the ability to make decisions on the production and its processes, as well, we empower our audiences to contribute to a more sustainable industry.


If “Design” is the art of problem-solving, just imagine how the wisdom from ancient techniques and cultural heritage can shape a product that is conscious of communities and our planet.

We inspire creators to design and manufacture meaningful and high-quality products with a strong commitment to the environment.

We encourage the use of natural fibers and dyes, low-impact processes, upcycle and recycle design operations.